About Us

    James Guitars is a full service acoustic guitar repair shop and custom builder based in Nashville, TN. We specialize in vintage guitar repair and restoration with the goal of improving the value, sound and playability of your guitar. We can also build your dream guitar using only the finest woods and accessories.

    Luthier James Bolan has worked with wood for over 30 years and has an intimate understanding of the dynamics of wood. From finding the perfect tone and pitch in each piece of wood for a custom build to rehabilitating your most prized possession, James is dedicated to maximizing the sound and overall value of the instrument. He is a skilled craftsman with the experience and tools needed to exceed your expectations.

    Contact us today to set up an appointment or drop by the shop if you're in the neighborhood. We would love to give you a quick tour and a glimpse at the demo models from our custom guitar line. Make sure to explore our site to see a list of repairs and prices, information about building a custom guitar, our comprehensive photo gallery, hear sound clips and watch videos comparing our guitars to leading name-brand competitors, and our exclusive ask the expert section! Keep an eye on the news section as well to get the latest updates from James Guitars.