Ask the Expert

What can I do to make my guitar sound better?

 Many factory made guitars, even expensive highly regarded ones, come equipped with inferior accessories such as plastic bridge pins and synthetic nuts and saddles. Because they are the first thing the strings come into contact with, the sound is often dulled or muted by these second-rate materials. This can be remedied by changing these key elements to superior ones made out of bone, water buffalo horn, or fossilized ivory. This will improve tone quality and increase volume and sustain. We would be happy to give you a consultation regarding the quality of these components and others on your guitar for free!

Why should I choose a handmade guitar over a factory made one?

 A factory made guitar is just that - a guitar made in a factory. This involves a repeatable process in which the manufacturer uses machines in order to maintain a bottom line cost to them. Unfortunately, it also means that almost every guitar off the line is very similar and certainly not customizable. Aside from the assurance of getting only the highest quality materials, commissioning a James Guitar also assures that you'll be getting an exceptionally unique instrument with great attention to detail and craftsmanship. No one else will have a guitar like yours. And the only bottom line that matters to us is building personalized one-of-a-kind guitars that will sound and look beautiful for years.

Are all handmade guitars made equally?

 Not always. Some handmade guitars include machine made parts, such as a machine carved neck. At James Guitars everything is built from scratch. That means hand carved necks, handmade bridges, hand cut inlays, hand radiused fretboards, hand shaped nuts and saddles.... the list goes on and on. When we say James Custom Handmade Guitars we mean exactly that - custom and handmade.