Payment Details & Warranty Info

 Once you have pieced together your dream guitar James will determine a price for building it. A 50% deposit is required to start the build. Once we have received the deposit your spot on the building schedule will be reserved and your guitar will begin being built as soon as possible. This deposit is non-refundable once your guitar build has commenced. Once the guitar is complete the other 50% will be due.

 All James Custom Guitars come with a 10 year warranty from date of delivery that covers the workmanship and materials under normal wear and tear conditions. This covers repairs only and not guitar replacement. This warranty is extended only to the commissioning and purchasing client and shall not be passed on to any other parties. Proper care and maintenance of your guitar is up to you however and this warranty will not cover repairs that result from the guitar being mistreated or mishandled in any way. Any components that come with a warranty of their own are not covered under our warranty. Structural or cosmetic damage caused by climate, improper care, accidents, or insufficient maintenance are not covered under this warranty. Any modifications or repairs not performed or authorized by James Guitars will void the warranty. This warranty is intended to cover structural, mechanical, or material failures which occur with no fault or intent as it relates to you or other circumstances which are listed above.

 Delivery of your guitar will be discussed as completion nears. There are several options which have to be worked out on an individual basis.

 Refunds are not typically given as this is a custom, made-to-order product (and we've also never been asked for one). However, if at completion you are not satisfied we will fully refund your money if and when we sell the guitar to another party.