James is RC Tonewoods Builder of the Month!

03/02/2011 16:40

 We are honored to announce that James Bolan, our luthier here at James Guitars, has been named RC Tonewoods Featured Builder of the Month for March! Here's a screenshot of the good news from their monthly E-letter.

 To view the informative newsletter in its entirety you must sign up to receive it here. It costs nothing to subscribe and you are automatically entered into a raffle to win a free set of back and sides (which you can then have James use on your own custom guitar). 

 RC Tonewoods & Sons is one of the leading suppliers for high quality guitar wood. Robert Cefalu, Sr. (the RC in RC Tonewoods) is affectionately known as the "zootman" in the luthier community for his wide array of beautiful and exotic soundboards and back and side sets.