Repair Services


Service Price                      
Setup $50
String Change (strings extra) $10
Bone Saddle  
Standard, non-compensated $45
Standard, compensated $60
Through-style, non-compensated $70
Through-style, compensated $85
Nut/saddle/setup package $125
Bridge Re-glue (steel string, standard) $125
Bridge Replacement  
Pre-made, standard $180
Custom made, replica $240
Bridge Plate Repair $100
Pin Conversion (change to bone) $40
Neck Reset  
Martin style dovetail $300
Gibson/Guild style dovetail $375
Taylor NT joint $150
Top Crack Repairs varies
Back/Side Crack Repairs varies
Top Brace Re-glue varies
Pickup Installation  
Magnetic $40
Saddle/top transducer $40
Multi-sensor system varies
Replacement Nut   
Bone $60
Graphtech, graphite $50
Fret Dress $80
Seat/secure loose ends add $30
Complete Re-fret  
Unbound rosewood/ebony $225
Bound rosewood/ebony $250
Maple $350
Partial Re-fret  
Unbound rosewood/ebony $15 per fret
Bound rosewood/ebony $15 per fret
Maple $20 per fret
Tuner Installation (tuners not included)  
Direct replacement $35
Fitting required $65
Peghead Repair varies
Truss Rod Adjustment $20

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