Elijah Patrick

 This is long overdue, but thank you so much for taking your time to build my guitar.  It is a work of art, and it SINGS.  All I do in my spare time (which I don't have enough of) is play it. Thank you SO much.

Tom Catron

 My new guitar has an incredible sound. The sustain and volume of the strings is unbelievable. The craftsmanship is impeccable. The quality of the fit and finish is top notch. The action is perfect. I am so happy he built this instrument for me and that I got to watch the process.

Stephen Courtwright

 When searching for a guitar you literally have many options to choose from, including some of the top names. I selected the 02 Sassafras from James Guitars and believe it to be the best guitar I have ever played. The sound and quality of this guitar has been unmatched by any one I have played to date. This is a guitar that brings a smile to my face every time I have opened the case to play it. James has truly put love and care into this guitar, and the compliments I get are all directed to the master himself, James Bolan. Thanks so much James.

Dave Hoffman

 The most gifted artist/craftsman I know, spent about 4 months of his free time, using some of the oldest, most rare and unique woods and finest appointments, resulting in the absolute best guitar I've ever played... and then... he GAVE it to me!

John Horton

 I just played The Ebony that you gave to Dave Hoffman and I just want to say that it was THE BEST guitar I've ever played.

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Thank you very much!